Sea Wolf Island

Sea Wolf Island Sea Wolf Island is a National Wildlife Area. It is located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, 4 km off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The island is a sandstone bedrock formation that is shaped like a whale’s back.

The island hosts a wealth of migratory birds. Over 40 species of birds and 70 species of plants have been recorded on Sea Wolf. Colonial birds breeding on the island include the Great Cormorant, the Great Blue Heron, the Black-backed Gull, the Herring Gull, and the Black Guillemot. Also, the Northern Gannet and the common Loon are regularly seen around the island.

In addition to the many bird species, a variety of mammals are known to be on the island, such as the Snowshoe Hare, the Coyote, and the Red Fox. Many sea mammals such as the Pilot Whale, the Minke Whale, the Fin Whale, as well as large numbers of Grey Seals frequent the surrounding waters.